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Well, I'm officially entering the world of blogging! Summer has been trying to convince me to blog for a long time now, but it wasn't until my friend, Casey, who has avoided MySpace & Facebook, sent me her blog that I decided to jump on board! I'm not sure exactly why I have put it off for so long because I really enjoy reading updates on all of my friends. I guess it is just that I haven't been sure what to say and I'm still not sure what to say, but here goes!

I've titled my blog "Ramblings of a Woman" because I ramble A LOT. :) And, I feel now, that I am officially in my THIRTIES that I am a WOMAN. So, hence the title "Ramblings of a Woman" and the fact that I couldn't think of anything else. :-) You know, I've always had a hard time calling myself a woman, but now that I'm 30 I feel as if I've crossed over into "womanhood". I've also been married for 9 years tomorrow! Which is really bizarre. It doesn't feel like I should be married 9 years already. 9 years - that just seems like a really long time - it is almost a decade! Whe
re does time go anyway? The past 9 years have definitely been a whirlwind and we have endured so much more than I ever thought we would. We're on staff at our 5th church, we are living in our 4th house, and have moved from our home to parents to in-laws back home around 10 times. I have a 1st grader & a 3 year old. It is so weird to say that I have a FIRST GRADER! I have cheerios and goldfish smashed in the carpet and seats in my car, which I swore would never happen. My house is always a disaster, which again, I swore would never happen. I own my own business, which I never imagined would happen! My life today doesn't look at all like I thought it would 10 years ago and the journey so far hasn't played out like I thought it would (at all), but I am SO thankful for the journey and the life & family God has blessed me with! The picture that I had in my mind when we got married 9 years ago was that we would go on staff at a church and stay there for a long time & have a blissful time of ministry and then God would call us to a bigger church that we would stay at till our kids were out of school. I had a "Pleasantville" picture in mind. Reality set in pretty quickly when, after being married only a month, we left our first church hurt, and moved in with the in-laws. I spent my first Christmas with my husband at my in-laws house with everything we owned in storage. I couldn't put up my very first Christmas tree, which was devastating. That was the beginning of our journey, but, God has proven Himself so faithful to me time and time again. He has definitely taught me that it is better to let Him be in control and that He knows my future.

When God gave me Mel as a husband,
he gave me a gift. I have the most amazing husband. Sometimes I just stare at him just to pinch myself to make sure it's real. I really did get my prince charming. He loves me unconditionally, even on the days when I am completely going insane. He is the best dad in the world - Abbie & Emma will grow up with such an incredible sense of a father's love. He also loves people. He is the guy that goes into the bank, instead of the drive through in hopes to brighten someone's day. I don't tell him enough or show him enough how much I love him. But, I do & I love him more than I ever dreamed was possible.

My girls - Abbie & Emma are my little princesses. I'm not a very patient mom, but I pray for patience every day. And, I love them more than I ever dreamed I could love two little human beings. I never babysat growing up & was never the first to ask to hold a baby. But, when I got pregnant with Abbie, from day one, this overwhelming love came over me. I'm always striving to be a better mom, because I am definitely not "Susie homemaker" or the supermom that I feel so many of my friends are, but every day I am getting better and better. Abbie and Emma are sooo different. Abbie is headstrong, definitely has all of the "first born" traits. We butt heads more than Emma and I do, but I realize it is because Abbie is SO much like me! It's that firstborn thing. :-) Abbie loves school, she loves stuffed animals, loves any book or show about animals, and she loves to dance. And, did I say she loves animals?? Abbie has never met a stranger. She talks non-stop (which she gets from her Dad). Sometimes I just have to ask her for 10 seconds of silence. She befriends those who don't have friends. She is an amazing kid. Emma is relaxed, quiet, plays great on her own, loves baby dolls and princesses. Bella Bella Dancerella is one of her favorite DVDs and she gets all dolled up in her ballet outfit to move along with the DVD. Emma loves to cuddle and says "I love you mom", gives me kisses, and hugs at least 25 times a day. Emma had a rough 1st 3 years. After getting whooping cough at 10 weeks old her little immune system wasn't the same. Every month for the 1st 2 1/2 years of her life she would visit the doctor - having RSV, pneumonia, bronchitis, or something respiratory. We were having to give her breathing treatments twice a day every day. But, about 4 months ago in a church service Mel felt strongly that the Lord healed her & she hasn't been sick since - no breathing treatments, nothing. Praise the Lord!!! Her being sick so much is probably one of the reasons she is so cuddly. She is 3 now and the tantrums are beginning to happen, which I was hoping to avoid, but I guess it is inevitable. Her crazy side comes out when Abbie comes around. They've started fighting, which makes me apologize to my mother frequently for all that my sister & I put her through. But, Abbie & Emma are also best friends. They love to have "sleeping overs", where Emma sleeps on Abbie's trundle bed. I thought about having a 3rd child in hopes of having a little Mel, but after Abbie & Emma started fighting we both decided that 2 was plenty - our family circle was complete!

What else... I am working from home and it has been such a blessing to be able to be home with my girls. God gave me Arbonne because He knew what the future would hold. He knew that Emma was going to have a rough 3 years and that I would have to do something to bring in income from home. I'm so thankful. He is so good. Arbonne has truly been a gift for me & for our family. I absolutely love what I do. I get the best of both worlds!

Two years ago we moved to Keller, TX to help my aunt & uncle plant a church in Roanoke/Trophy Club, TX. It is called New Day Church. It has been a journey of faith, but I feel the past two years have been some of our best in ministry. We finally feel settled & at home. It has been an amazing experience and will share more about the church and about what God has taught me in the process b/c I've learned some hard lessons on control the past two years. My aunt & uncle are amazing - I have prayed for years for a pastor's wife to mentor me & I've finally found that.

Well, I guess that is it for today. I will write more soon.


triplatte said…
I am honored to leave you your first comment!! :)

Well I am so happy that you have joined the blogging's really addicting, although I don't get to write as much as I would like to!

I also want to say "Happy Anniversary!" I remember your wedding well. Todd and I were engaged at the time and I remember thinking, "Only a couple more months and it will soon be our turn!"

We've walked some similar've been such an encouragement me to me over the past couple of years especially and I want to thank you (AGAIN) for that!!! It's inspiring to hear how God works in the lives of those you love. It gives me lots of hope!

I am looking forward to reading more! Keep writing lady!

I love you!
Casey said…
Yeah for you Kim!! I will follow up with you lots!!
misty said…
welcome to the blogging world! i look forward to reading all your ramblings on everything! ha
your girls are REALLY cute!

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