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A Scary Weekend

Well, it's been awhile since I've blogged. I'm sure you all know by now that it was a rough week/weekend for us last week! My husband went into the hospital with chest pain/discomfort and ended up staying the night. Mel knows me too well - he knows that I will freak out if I think something is wrong with him - and, he is right. Thursday morning he was getting ready for work and he told me he wasn't feeling well. About 10 minutes later I asked him what his symptoms were and he rubbed his stomach and then his chest and said that he just felt weird. I immediately asked him if he was having chest pains and he nonchalantly blew it off to be something minor. Well, about a hour later he calls me to ask for a doctor's number and of course I freak out b/c he never asks for a doctor's number. He tells me it is no big deal and that he will make an appointment for the afternoon. Well, of course I insist that he call right away. The next phone call I get from him is 5