You Know It's Time to Shower When...

Okay, I know it has been a really long time since I've blogged. Things have been crazy and I'll sit down to blog and then I'll get distracted with other things. But this morning, I had something happen that is definitely worth blogging about, so I sat right down to fill you guys in.

The past few days I've had sick kids, been cleaning & decorating for Christmas because I have this huge Holiday Open House here this weekend. I have a "no shower" policy when I'm cleaning because after I get done cleaning I feel gross and dusty so I have to shower again. Does anyone else have this policy? Typically I will shower in the same day I clean, but the girls were sick and needy yesterday and the day before, so I haven't really had a spare moment to shower and then last night when Mel got home, I was so tired that I just went straight to bed. Well, I woke up this morning thinking I still have a lot of cleaning to do and I would wait to shower until right before I have to pick Abbie up from school. After dropping Abbie off at school this morning Emma and I sat down on the couch and she looked at my hair and touched it and asked "Mommy, why is your hair wet?". I burst out in laughter b/c it is so NOT wet - it is DIRTY! So, obviously, it is time to shower and it it can't be delayed any longer. You know it's definitely time to shower when your three year old mistakes your dirty hair for wet hair. :)

Can anyone else relate to this? I know Casey can identify, but are we weird or is this normal for mommies?


Anne said…
Hey- Stumbled upon your blog through Misty's...I, too, have the "Shower At 5pm" rule! Lets me get everything (grubby) done- and ensures that I am still NOT wearing my pjs when Daddy gets home!
Casey said…
Hey thanks for that Kim. Now everybody thinks I'm dirty and never shower. But its kinda what can I say!? Something's gotta give with two kids, a house, church, life...... I guess its showering :)
Sara said…
Love it! I hate to waste a shower, too. I have a nasty, blue "do-rag" that I wear when I clean as well. Being a domestic goddess does have it's moments without glamor... Love your blog, by the way!
Anonymous said…
I laughed when you told me this last week. Is ministry the common theme here? Is that what it is? We pastor's wives don't shower? I don't know about Anne or Sara, but I know you and Casey, and life with kids, business PLUS ministry takes it's toll...and yes, I have a no shower policy when I clean too because I feel the same way!

A thought just struck me...maybe we should all hire a housekeeper! Problem solved! Doesn't Melanie keep telling you that anyway? =]

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