My Girly Girls

Yesterday I took my very girly girls to the new Girly Girls salon & spa in Keller. It's a very cute gift shop & salon for little girls that has runways and dress up clothes. Abbie requested to get her hair cut to her chin, so I decided to take them both in. This was Abbie's 3rd hair cut in her life and Emma's first real hair cut. I've refused to get Emma's bangs cut b/c I hate growing them out, but Emma refuses to wear anything but a head band so her hair is always in her face. Emma LOVED getting her hair washed and cut. She was so very still and is so proud of her new do. Abbie was very excited to go to school today and show off her new cut. She looks so grown up. I love having girly girls. They come with a lot of drama, but they are SO much fun!!


Casey said…
Those are such cute girls and CUTE haircuts!! I took Charli to a place like that in Edmond and I loved it as much as she did. This place had birthday parties too!! I secretly think mommie's like fru-fru places like that as much as girls do. I know I do! And keep up the to read them.
misty said…
your girls are both really pretty!

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