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My Mom was Superwoman

Since I've had kids I've really come to truly appreciate my mother, but I think over the past few days I've realized that I really do think she was Superwoman. Probably since early November my family has been sick. One of us will get better and then another will get sick - it is the vicious cycle. I got sick again on Thursday with an upper respiratory virus & sinus infection. Mel still had to go to work on Friday, so I was left to take care of myself as well as my two kiddos. He came home at 6pm and I could finally rest. Since yesterday was Saturday, I could stay in bed all day while he took care of the kids. Emma came in our room about 12:30 am this morning complaining that she didn't feel good and that her ear hurts. I was hoping Mel could stay home and take care of her today and let me sleep, but he had to go to church since he is in charge of set-up and I'm left to take care of my sick baby girl and myself. Husbands are lucky. When they get sick, the