My Mom was Superwoman

Since I've had kids I've really come to truly appreciate my mother, but I think over the past few days I've realized that I really do think she was Superwoman. Probably since early November my family has been sick. One of us will get better and then another will get sick - it is the vicious cycle. I got sick again on Thursday with an upper respiratory virus & sinus infection. Mel still had to go to work on Friday, so I was left to take care of myself as well as my two kiddos. He came home at 6pm and I could finally rest. Since yesterday was Saturday, I could stay in bed all day while he took care of the kids. Emma came in our room about 12:30 am this morning complaining that she didn't feel good and that her ear hurts. I was hoping Mel could stay home and take care of her today and let me sleep, but he had to go to church since he is in charge of set-up and I'm left to take care of my sick baby girl and myself. Husbands are lucky. When they get sick, the wife takes care of them and the kids, but when the wife gets sick - unless it is a Saturday - the wife has to take care of herself and the kids. I am so blessed to have a husband that helps, but he still can't be home 24/7 to take care of me. The reason I think my mom was super woman is because she worked night shift as a nurse. She would work 12 hour shifts - leave at 6:45pm & get home around 7am. Before she left she would cook dinner and make sure everything was ready for us and then when she got home she would get us ready for school. She would sleep for a few hours and then come pick us up from school and take us to all of our acitivities. I love my dad, but he wasn't too helpful. He was just raised in that era where the woman did everything around the house & everything for the kids. I don't remember my mother ever getting sick or if she did she never complained. She was always right there taking care of us no matter how she felt. She had super powers, which I know God gave her. Moms are amazing people - we all need them!!


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