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Every Parent's Prayer

I have another story to share with you about my 6 1/2 year old, Abbie. I know it is every parent's prayer that what we teach them will sink in, that the prayers we pray over them will be seeds that will sprout. Abbie is only 6, but she blows me away sometimes. There is a little boy in her class that is kind of the class bully. Abbie said that he told her that he doesn't go to church, so she has been praying for him. After church on Sunday we went to lunch and she wanted to pray over the meal and this was her prayer... "Lord, bless this food, keep our family safe, and Lord I pray for Fred that You will come into his heart and that he won't pick on anyone anymore, but Lord, if he has to pick on someone, that he will pick on me.". Okay, who prays that??? Mel and I were just crying at the table listening to her pray this!! She told us that she would rather him pick on her than the other kids b/c she doesn't want him to hurt the other kids. WOW!!!! It defin

Such a Good Girl!

So, I thought I would share something that Abbie did on Tuesday night that was super sweet. Mel does bedtime routine with the girls every night. Around 8pm he tucked Emma in bed, then went to Abbie's room and tucked her in and was going to read her book with her for a little while. Emma called out for him so he told Abbie to continue reading and he would be back in a few minutes to turn off the light and kiss her goodnight. Well, he got done with Emma and completely forgot about Abbie until about 11:30pm when he heard Emma having a coughing fit, so he went upstairs to check on her and noticed that Abbie's light was still on. She was still awake, lying in bed, reading the same book!! He asked her if she knew what time it was and she said no and told him that she was still waiting on him! She spent three hours laying in bed patiently waiting for her daddy to come turn off the light and kiss her goodnight. She didn't get up and play - she just laid there patiently waitin

Big Changes

Wow, so yesterday I wrote about how God had told us to sell our house and today we know why. Mel's CEO came in town today and closed the doors on the Ft. Worth office. Mel and the 3 others in his office are now headed home to find other jobs. I have to admit that this morning I had a panic attack - shaking, hyperventilation, etc. But, after talking to my mom, my uncle and a few friends I felt the peace of God come over me. I'm not going to say that I'm not freaking out a little still - that is human nature, but I am trying to put my emotions aside and reflect on all that God has done for us and how faithful He has been to us the past 10 years. He has brought things back to my memory on how he has provided. Like when we had only been married one month and we decided to leave the church we were on staff at and had to move in with in-laws. How when we left our church in Jenks and had just found out that I was pregnant with Abbie. We had no place to go, but God sold ou

Selling Our House & Need Your Input!

Wow, I'm on a roll - two blog posts in one day!! I need some suggestions though and figure that some of my friends might be able to give some! Back in January, we did a 21 day fast with our church. During that time God spoke to Mel and I about several things, but one of the things that He asked us to do was to sell our house. Not an easy thing for us to do b/c we LOVE our house - we built this house 2 1/2 years ago - picked out EVERYTHING, but we know He is asking us to be obedient, so we are trusting Him!! So, over the past few months I've been SLOWLY getting it ready. The past 3 years I haven't been the most organized, so I've had to throw away a lot of stuff, make piles of garage sale stuff, and organize things I'm keeping. I'm almost done doing that and we are planning a garage sale in the next few weeks. So, there are several things that I need your suggestions on: We interviewed 3 realtors and all of them said that because we live in a newer home

My Grandma: An Amazing Woman

Once again, it has been awhile since I have written. It seems that I am on a one post a month routine. I figure it is time to update all of you on my life. It has been a crazy couple of weeks. My grandma, JoAnn Edwards, is one of my heroes and someone I admire greatly. I've always been very close to her and have so many amazing memorie s with her and my grandpa, Dr. Charlie Edwards. My grandpa passed away 3 years ago February. That was very hard, but there was still comfort in knowing that I still had my grandma to see and talk to. My grandma and grandpa moved from Marfa , TX to Granbury 3 years ago (2 weeks before my grandpa went to be with the Lord) so that they could be closer to my mom. I didn't get to see her as much as I would've liked, but I did get to see her a lot more than if she still lived 8 hours away. My grandmother was in the hospital for 20 days in February with pneumonia and COPD . She was released on Saturday, February 28 th to go back to her