Every Parent's Prayer

I have another story to share with you about my 6 1/2 year old, Abbie. I know it is every parent's prayer that what we teach them will sink in, that the prayers we pray over them will be seeds that will sprout. Abbie is only 6, but she blows me away sometimes. There is a little boy in her class that is kind of the class bully. Abbie said that he told her that he doesn't go to church, so she has been praying for him. After church on Sunday we went to lunch and she wanted to pray over the meal and this was her prayer... "Lord, bless this food, keep our family safe, and Lord I pray for Fred that You will come into his heart and that he won't pick on anyone anymore, but Lord, if he has to pick on someone, that he will pick on me.". Okay, who prays that??? Mel and I were just crying at the table listening to her pray this!! She told us that she would rather him pick on her than the other kids b/c she doesn't want him to hurt the other kids. WOW!!!! It definitely challenged me!


misty said…
what a sweet girl you are raising!!
i know you are proud :)
Tasha Kay said…
that was amazing.. that brought tears to my eyes.. :) your kids are amaazing.. :)
Sara said…
WOW! So, that made me cry. What a sweet and tender heart!
misty said…
i have been reading your twitter... sounds like you had fun in sin city!!! haha were you there for arbonne?
has mel found another job?

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