Selling Our House & Need Your Input!

Wow, I'm on a roll - two blog posts in one day!! I need some suggestions though and figure that some of my friends might be able to give some! Back in January, we did a 21 day fast with our church. During that time God spoke to Mel and I about several things, but one of the things that He asked us to do was to sell our house. Not an easy thing for us to do b/c we LOVE our house - we built this house 2 1/2 years ago - picked out EVERYTHING, but we know He is asking us to be obedient, so we are trusting Him!!

So, over the past few months I've been SLOWLY getting it ready. The past 3 years I haven't been the most organized, so I've had to throw away a lot of stuff, make piles of garage sale stuff, and organize things I'm keeping. I'm almost done doing that and we are planning a garage sale in the next few weeks.

So, there are several things that I need your suggestions on:

  1. We interviewed 3 realtors and all of them said that because we live in a newer home and are in a neighborhood that the builders are still building in that we have to keep our house immaculate - looking like a model home in order to compete with the builders & to get the price we want. So, my first question is how in the world do you do this with 2 small kids without going insane?? We've sold 3 other homes, but we didn't have 2 girls that LOVE to change clothes ever 5 minutes and we didn't live in a neighborhood that would necessarily require keeping it look like a model home. I did decide that I needed help, so today I do have a lady here doing all the DEEP cleaning - blinds, base boards, tubs, fans, etc. but do any of you have suggestions for day to day??

  2. I could also just use your prayers as I'm freaking out about what do we do if we sell our house?? I DO NOT want Abbie to change schools so we would basically have to stay in this neighborhood. This doesn't worry Mel so much, but it does me - b/c I am a mom and moms worry about these things. :)
We are putting it on the market this weekend/early next week. I'm trusting God! It could be that He is just testing us to see if we are going to be willing to make this step or not. Not sure what He is up to, but one thing that I have learned is that His ways are sooo much better than our own.


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