Such a Good Girl!

So, I thought I would share something that Abbie did on Tuesday night that was super sweet. Mel does bedtime routine with the girls every night. Around 8pm he tucked Emma in bed, then went to Abbie's room and tucked her in and was going to read her book with her for a little while. Emma called out for him so he told Abbie to continue reading and he would be back in a few minutes to turn off the light and kiss her goodnight. Well, he got done with Emma and completely forgot about Abbie until about 11:30pm when he heard Emma having a coughing fit, so he went upstairs to check on her and noticed that Abbie's light was still on. She was still awake, lying in bed, reading the same book!! He asked her if she knew what time it was and she said no and told him that she was still waiting on him! She spent three hours laying in bed patiently waiting for her daddy to come turn off the light and kiss her goodnight. She didn't get up and play - she just laid there patiently waiting. What a sweet girl!!


Tasha Kay said…
AWWW thats so sweet! You do have precious girls Kim!!!

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