We are Moving!

I am so sorry that I have not blogged in awhile. Life has been crazy! I want to fill you all in on what is going on in our lives because so many of you have asked. I know many of you have been praying for us and we want to thank you SO much! God answers prayers!!

For the past 3 years we have had the privilege of being able to start a church in Roanoke, TX with my uncle & aunt who are the lead pastors. We have been volunteering as the Community pastors and it has been one of the most incredible experiences of our lives. New Day Church will forever be engraved in our hearts and will always be huge part of us. We have grown so much personally and it has been incredible watching others' lives changed. Ricky & Joni (my uncle and aunt/Lead Pastors) have been tremendous mentors to us and we have learned so much under their leadership. Words cannot express our gratitude to them.

Back in January of this year we did a 21 day fast with our church to start off the New Year. During that time God spoke to Mel and I very clearly that we were supposed to sell our home and go back into full time ministry. We weren't sure at the time what that meant or when, but He was preparing our hearts. In March, as many of you know, Mel's entire office was laid off. We knew that God was saying then "OK, it's time!". So, we listed our house on the market & that week God brought two different churches into our path in Oklahoma to interview with. The one we were most excited about was in Enid, OK. At the time they told us it would be June before they would hire and that seemed SOOO far away, so we kept looking. God kept shutting all other doors and now June is here!

Mother's Day weekend my husband accepted an associate pastor position at Enid First Assembly of God. You can check out their website by going to www.enidfirstassembly.com . Mel will be the Saturday night pastor. They have a service on Saturday nights that he will run - kind of our own little church within a church. We will also do a lot in the community. I already have plans to start a Moms & Mocha group in Enid shortly after we get there. We are SO excited!

Everything is full forward motion now. Our last service at New Day Church will be May 31st. Any of you who are in the area that would like to come we would love to see you! It is going to be a day filled with both sadness & happiness.

We are having a moving sale the weekend of May 29th & 30th and will be moving to Enid in 2 weeks - the week of June 7th. Whew!

We do need your prayers on several things:

1) We desperately need to sell our home in Keller. Please pray that God sends along the right buyer, with the right price at the right time!

2) We had found a house to rent and this week they called us to say they have decided to not rent, but to sell it. So, we are back to square one on a place to live. The rental market in Enid is slim due to a military base being there. We are headed to Enid Sunday afternoon to look for another house. Please pray that we find one.

3) Pray for our girls. They are both very excited, but I know change is never easy!

3) Most of you know how much I don't like the moving process. Just pray for my sanity during the next 3 weeks. :)

We know that God has it all under control. He knows who our buyer is and He already has a house for us in Enid. He has already proved Himself faithful to us, but we know that the more people that are praying - the better!

We appreciate all of you so much!!


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