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We're Packing!

It's time to bring you all up to speed! We are officially moving to Enid, OK on August 1st. Last week we decided that we had to make a decision even though our house has not yet sold in Keller. School starts in Enid on August 12th and that is only a few weeks away! Also traveling back and forth every week is taking its toll on all of us. Rentals don't stay around very long in Enid, so the day this house came open we went to look at it and took it. It was the right price and a decent, clean house. We will lease it for a year and then buy something next summer. It will give us a chance to save up some money and really decide the area that we would like to live in. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed as I REALLY LOATHE packing. I've had to do it one to many times. We are moving one week from tomorrow and I have yet to pack one single box. YIKES!! Mel is only home for two days, then will return back to Enid and then he'll come back on Tuesday and help me Tuesday-Frida

Having Faith for This Moment

I've had a major breakthrough the past week. I finally feel like "me" again. It's amazing the roller coaster of emotions that I've been on since March and for the first time since then I feel like I'm really learning to completely have faith that God is in control and that I don't need to worry. See, it's really easy to say that you have faith or that you trust God, but it's one thing to say it and believe it than it is to truly act on it. I'm reading a new book called "Warrior Chicks" by Holly Wagner. It's another amazing book that has really helped me during this transition time. In chapter 8 she talks about the fact that God is the boss and He is working behind the scenes and orchestrating our lives. We can trust the Creator of the universe with His creation. I tend to always look ahead and the reason I've struggled so much in the past few months is because I have worried and stressed over tomorrow and the next few