Having Faith for This Moment

I've had a major breakthrough the past week. I finally feel like "me" again. It's amazing the roller coaster of emotions that I've been on since March and for the first time since then I feel like I'm really learning to completely have faith that God is in control and that I don't need to worry. See, it's really easy to say that you have faith or that you trust God, but it's one thing to say it and believe it than it is to truly act on it. I'm reading a new book called "Warrior Chicks" by Holly Wagner. It's another amazing book that has really helped me during this transition time.

In chapter 8 she talks about the fact that God is the boss and He is working behind the scenes and orchestrating our lives. We can trust the Creator of the universe with His creation. I tend to always look ahead and the reason I've struggled so much in the past few months is because I have worried and stressed over tomorrow and the next few months. Holly Wagner says this "Stress and fear come when we take our eyes off now. We have been created to have faith for this moment. For now. In the middle of the battle, we can't see the whole battlefield. Just today's fight."

This has been so freeing to me. Every morning since I read that chapter I've been saying "God, I'm not going to worry about tomorrow or stress over tomorrow, but today God I choose to have faith for today's battle." He's given me enough faith for today. His mercies are new every morning!

Our circumstances haven't changed. This is our 5th week in a hotel and we have 3 weeks to sell our house before we HAVE to move here to get Abbie enrolled in school. So, even though things are still the same I'm trusting God b/c He knows the timeline. He knows when we have to be here and exactly what we need.


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