We're Packing!

It's time to bring you all up to speed! We are officially moving to Enid, OK on August 1st. Last week we decided that we had to make a decision even though our house has not yet sold in Keller. School starts in Enid on August 12th and that is only a few weeks away! Also traveling back and forth every week is taking its toll on all of us. Rentals don't stay around very long in Enid, so the day this house came open we went to look at it and took it. It was the right price and a decent, clean house. We will lease it for a year and then buy something next summer. It will give us a chance to save up some money and really decide the area that we would like to live in.

I am feeling a bit overwhelmed as I REALLY LOATHE packing. I've had to do it one to many times. We are moving one week from tomorrow and I have yet to pack one single box. YIKES!! Mel is only home for two days, then will return back to Enid and then he'll come back on Tuesday and help me Tuesday-Friday. I have sooooo much to do. When I feel overwhelmed like this I tend to just shut down and not do anything, but I've got to snap out of it...time is ticking! Pray for my sanity as my to-do list is a mile long and it all has to get done and I'll be taking care of most of it by myself.

I am so very ready for our back and forth weekly 9 hour round trip journeys to be over. I'm ready to get settled, get Abbie enrolled in school and begin this next phase of our lives in Enid.

We could really use your prayers that our house will sell ASAP. It is a big stress and I don't understand God's timing AT ALL, but I'm still trusting Him. I know He knows how badly we need to sell our home, I just wish He would bring the buyer TODAY!

Well, more updates to come soon. Abbie turns 7 years old tomorrow, so I'll post pics later. I can't even believe that I have a 7 year old. Time goes by way too quickly.


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