We're Enid Residents!

We are now Enid residents! It feels sooooo good to not be traveling back and forth to Texas every weekend. There is a peace in all of us now and the chaos seems to be gone. We can breathe again! The rent house is great. The girls will make comments every once in awhile that they miss our old house, but they are adjusting. They are sharing a room here because I need an office and this only has 3 bedrooms. They love sharing a room, although there are days where Abbie wishes she could get away from her little sister when they are fighting. :) My mom was here for almost a week to help me unpack. I'm almost done. I couldn't have done it without her in this amount of time! I'm ready to be unpacked & settled so that I can get back to work & really jump in with the church.

Our house in Texas still has not sold, but I just know that it has to be right around the corner! Having faith is not easy, it's a daily commitment, but as I've said before, each day I'm having faith enough for that day. Our home in Keller is in God's hands. He knows best.

Abbie will start school on Wednesday. She will be a 2nd grader! I can hardly believe it. She's excited about going to a new school although she made a comment that this one smells stinky b/c it's really old and her other school was brand new. Kids are so funny. She also just got back from a 2 night/3 day kids camp and had the best time. It was hard for me to let her go simply because my baby shouldn't be old enough yet to go to camp, but she had an incredible time.

Emma will miss Abbie when she goes back to school, but hopefully when the house in Texas sells I will put her in a Mother's Day out to let her get some play time with other kiddos. I'm starting up my Moms & Mocha group here in Enid like I did in Keller. I'm hoping it will be a good outreach to those that are moving into Enid for the military.

Lot's going on! We are so glad to be here. Just wanted to give you all a quick update!


Casey said…
Hey now that you are close, let me know when/if you come to Tulsa. Would love to see you. Said a prayer today about your house and little sick Emma. Love you!

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