Introducing Pink: Enid First Women

Pink is the women's ministry at Enid First Assembly of God! The past few years God has really been stirring in me a heart for women and girls.  There is so much that we face as women that we rarely talk about because we often feel like we are the only ones dealing with that issue, when in fact there are probably many others going through or who have gone through the same thing.  We deal with self esteem issues, feelings of inadequacy, we often carry the weight of the world on our shoulders, we struggle with depression, hormones, fear...the list could go on.  Beth Moore says that we as women fear so much because we feel so much.  We do feel a great deal, well, at least I do. :) 

When we came on staff at Enid First in June of this year, that passion began stirring in me even more.  God has really also laid it on Mel's heart and mine to connect people.  It's so easy to just come to church on Saturday night or Sunday morning, say hi to the people we know and then walk out without truly connecting with others.  My desire for Pink is to bring women of all ages together, to build friendships, to connect, to grow in our relationship with Christ, to be real, transparent and to walk through life together.  I want nothing more than to see women's lives changed.  I want them to realize their worth and their destiny in Christ. 

I can't say that I came up with the name all on my own. There are a few women's ministries around the country that have the name and it just really stuck with me.  It has no spiritual significance really.  Pink is the color that represents the female gender.  No matter how old or young we are - we are all girls - we are pink. :)

I have a lot of ideas flooding my heart and mind, but for right now we are starting with a Bible study on Monday mornings, we have our Moms & Mocha group to connect not only moms at our church, but also moms in our community, and then Virginia Barrick, Pastor's wife, leads B.A.B.E.S. a 12 week accountability weight loss challenge.  

I'm really excited about what God is doing and what he is going to do.  Our church is all about changing lives and Pink will definitely be all about seeing women and girl's lives changed.


misty said…
sounds like you got some great things going!!

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