This past weekend our church started a 4 week series called "Transformed".  Each week we will show a video of someone in our church whose life has been powerfully transformed by Christ.  While watching those videos and sitting in the services this weekend I reflected on how Christ has transformed my own life and how He continues to transform me on a daily basis.  Sometimes when we get caught up in the busyness of everyday life and all the chaos going on around us, we tend to forget what He has done in us and what he can do in us.

I shouldn't have the life that I do today.  It's only by God's grace that I have the amazing husband that I have or the incredible children that I have.  When I really think about it, it overwhelms me and brings me to tears.  I was on a path that was going to lead me to a life of heartache, anguish and pain.  I made so many mistakes.  I hit one of the lowest points in my life 14 1/2 years ago and that is when I knew I didn't want to remain the same person that I was.  I needed Christ and I wanted what he wanted for my life and no longer what I wanted.  I knew deep down in my gut that I was created for more.  I knew I couldn't continue on without him by my side.  And what is so incredible is that even though I felt so unworthy of his grace and mercy, he extended it to me anyways and gave me a life that I could only dream about.  But, you know what, it took me reaching out and saying that I was ready and willing.  He was waiting for me patiently. That's the incredible thing about God is he does give us free will. He allows us to go on the path that we think is best and when we fall and get bruised and banged up and decide that we can't do it without him - he is there ready and willing to take us in his arms. 

I'd like to say that when I recommitted my life to him 14 1/2 years ago that life has been a cake walk since.  Well, it hasn't been. Transformation isn't an easy process.  It's often a painful one.  It requires us to CHANGE.  It requires us to step outside of our comfort zone.  It requires us to allow God to form us into the person that he wants us to be.  There are days when I feel he is taking a rock hammer to me and chiseling away everything that needs to go in order for me to live an extraordinary life in Him.  And on those days sometimes I just want to say "forget it, it's too hard".  I then try to ask myself is it better to take the "easy" way out and choose stay in that place and potentially live a life of "what ifs" and misery or is it better to take the way where it may be painful in the beginning, but lead to something beautiful and beyond my wildest dreams in the end.  Ultimately I want the latter.  Don't you?  So, that means that daily I have to make this decision to let Christ transform my life and allow him to do whatever he wants.

I know that Jeremiah 29:11 is true.  He does have plans to prosper me and not to harm me, to give me a hope and a future.  I know with every fiber of my being that he has created me and made me for a purpose - his purpose.  I also know with everything within me that he has created YOU for something amazing.  He has a purpose and a plan for you!  You have greatness inside of you.  It doesn't matter what your past looks like or even what your present looks like.  Today and the future can be turned around and be transformed.  God can take what is broken and mold you into something beautiful. 

I've talked to so many people, especially women, that feel they are too far gone or feel like there is no way they could make a difference in this world.  I've had girls and women say to me "well, Kim, your so...and that is why you have such a great life and how God can use you."  Can I just say that I'm NOT perfect!  I have to daily make a decision to get up and allow him to work in me.  It truly is only because I've allowed Christ to transform my life.  He can do the same for you.  He can take something ordinary and turn it into something extraordinary.  I'm begging you, don't choose to live your life as usual, choose to enter in to an amazing and wild ride with Christ.  Let him transform your life.  Remember that you have to take the first step and when you do he'll be there.

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