We Leased Our House!

I want to thank everyone for praying for us!  We received a phone call from our realtor on Tuesday of this week and she let us know that a wonderful family wanted to lease our home.  He is a pastor, they have 4 kids and they just moved here from Georgia.  Ultimately we wanted to sell our home, but God had other plans.  I prayed that whoever bought or leased our home that the home would be a blessing to them.  So, it is a win win for both of us.  They have a great home to live in and we don't have to make the payment! YAY!  This probably is better in the long run.  We will more than likely make quite a bit more money on the house a year from now than we would have if we would've sold it this year.  All of the builders will be done building in our area, so we won't have them to compete with.

They want to move in on Monday, so we are headed to Texas tomorrow to clear the rest of the stuff out of the house and have the carpets cleaned.  Tomorrow is also our 10 year anniversary.  Not the ideal way to spend our anniversary, but it is a huge anniversary gift from God to have our mortgage payment covered!  So, we'll celebrate our anniversary next weekend. :)

The past 7 months I've learned so much about trusting God.  He has met our needs miraculously during this time.  He has taught me that I don't need to worry.  That if I'll be faithful, He will provide.  How great is our God!


misty said…
i am thrilled for ya'll & i'm sure what a load off your shoulders to not have to make 2 house payments anymore!!

there from georgia... any family from there is great! ha (that's where i was born & raised!)

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