Living Life on Purpose

As I'm sitting here in the hospital with my dear friend I'm just thinking of the importance to keep priorities in line. Over the years Marianne has been such a beautiful example of having a close relationship with God, loving her family and loving others. She is one of the most selfless people I know and many have come to know God through her. She is a friend that will drop anything to come to your rescue. She'll cry with you, laugh with you and also do something hilarious when you need to laugh. She lives her life on purpose and that is very evident. It's amazing to meet many of the individuals from their street in their neighborhood whose lives have been dramatically changed because of her and Guy's influence. She has challenged me to do the same. It's so important to forgive others, tell your friends and family how much you love them, and live a life of service to others. We were created for God's glory and we get to be a part of His plan. We are all called to make a difference while we are here on this earth. Marianne has lived her life well. I know God has a divine plan for Marianne and He isn't finished with her yet. Keep praying.


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