Desiring Him Above All Else

Today during my time with God I read Deuteronomy 8. I was going to quote it all here, but it is a bit long, so encourage you to read it on your own preferably in The Message version. Reading that passage led me to this post today. When we are in our wilderness seasons of life we often want a quick fix. We are a drive thru, microwave society. We want things and we don't want to have to wait for them. We get frustrated with God when He doesn't answer our requests immediately, but I believe He isn't holding out on us to be mean, but to get us to draw closer to Him. He has a bigger purpose and plan for us that only He can see, so we must yield to His plan.  In Priscilla Shirer's "One in a Million" Bible study she says this:
The wilderness is designed to reveal whether we really want God or if we just want to "get out of town" and to Canaan as soon as possible. He is interested in knowing if we've submitted to the wilderness only to receive the rewards that come with Canaan or if we truly desire Him more than anything...even the rewards.
Ouch, that hurts a little, doesn't it? Last weekend we took a group of young women to the Captured Conference in Cedar Hill, TX. Anjelah Johnson, a comedian who is best known for her You Tube Nail Salon video and "Bon Qui Qui" on MAD TV, shared her testimony. She talked about her desert experience when she was in L.A. trying to make it big and she was broke and had no jobs. God asked her to take 6 months and devote them completely to Him, so she did. All she did was seek God for 6 months. The thing that stuck with the most was she said something like this...that more than we pray for Him to bless us, more than we pray for Him to give us our dream job, more than we pray for Him to help us out of our messes...that we just pray for more of desire Him above all else. That goes hand in hand with what I quoted above from Priscilla Shirer.

So, my prayer today is that He be my magnifying glass and that He would examine me and uncover any of my hearts intentions that may not be pleasing to Him.  My prayer is that I would desire Him above all else, more than I want to be rescued, more than I want to get out of the wilderness...I just want Him... and then, when He brings me out of this wilderness and I'm living in an abundant place that I would still want Him above all else.  May that be your prayer too.

Psalm 139:23 & 24 (Amplified Bible)
23  Search me [thoroughly], O God, and know my heart! Try me and know my thoughts!24  And see if there is any wicked or hurtful way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.


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