Keeping First Things First

I remember when I started getting the baby itch after Mel and I had only been married 2 years.  We got a puppy thinking that would suffice, but I still wanted a baby...a sweet little baby!  I have to admit, I had a very idealistic image of what it was going to be like for us.  Doesn't every new mother?  I remember being critical of other parents before I had my own children...I said many things like "my kids will never eat in my car" or "how can they let their house stay so messy" or "my kids will never act like that".  I was clueless! Never say never, right? :)

July 24, 2002 is when our first little girl entered our world.  When they placed her in my arms, I remember thinking how absolutely perfect she was and then at some point soon after, it hit, I'm now responsible for a life that is not my own!  Not only was I responsible for her life in general...feeding, clothing, bathing, etc, but I was responsible for teaching her how to navigate through life & about Christ.  My prayer from Day 1 for both of my girls is that they will love Christ with all of their heart, soul and mind.  That they will know their worth as a daughter of the King.  That they will be all that God created them to be. That they would have a deep passion for the things of God.

The past few weeks and months our youngest has been asking a lot more questions about Christ..."what is sin?", "what is heaven like?", etc.  Since she is only 5, we do our best to answer her questions in terminology that she will understand.  Today after school, she asked me questions like "why do we need to ask Jesus into our heart?" "Why did he die on the cross?" They are questions she has asked before, but today they were followed by the ultimate question "Mommy, will you help me ask Jesus into my heart?".  Well, my answer was of course a resounding "YES!".  It doesn't get much better than that.

Today was yet another reminder that it is my responsibility to teach my girls about the love of Christ and teach them how to live a life pleasing to Him. As they continue to grow and encounter decisions between flesh & spirit...I realize that I won't be able to make their decisions for them, but I can make sure they have a solid foundation to glean from.  It is no one else's responsibility but mine and Mel's. God entrusted these two precious girls into our care & we must teach them. We must model what being a Christ follower is all about.  We must live what we preach.  Being in full-time ministry, it is easy to let ministry to others overtake what comes first...and the first priority is ministry to my my girls. May they always remain my most important converts.  


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