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Moms...You Aren't Alone!

To all of you momma's out there...this post is for you!  I have a lot of dear friends who are in a battle right now in their journey of Motherhood and they need our help.  I'm asking for your tips on what helps you stay sane. These beautiful ladies are struggling...struggling with depression, insecurities, anxiety, frustration, loneliness, struggling in their marriages, and the list can go on.  Being a mom is hard! My heart goes out to these girls because I too have been there.  About 4 years ago I walked through one of my darkest times as a mom, but no one really knew it except those that lived with me & a few select friends.  From the outside I appeared to have the perfect life.  We were serving the Lord by planting a church, we had a beautiful large new home, nice cars, I was successful in business, I had great friends, a good marriage, and two of the cutest daughters you've ever seen.  That's the picture everyone saw.  But, on the inside was a different story.

Kicking & Screaming

Have you ever prayed for God's will, but then when He revealed His will for you, you were convinced that He must be misunderstood because that is not exactly the plan you had in mind?  And, maybe you eventually agreed to it, but you threw a big adult temper tantrum first?  None of you have probably ever reacted that way.  You have probably always reacted with humble & immediate obedience, haven't you?  Well, I would like to be able to say that I've always reacted in a contrite manner, but unfortunately my responses haven't always been so pretty.  In May of 2006 Mel and I left our full time ministry position to help my uncle & aunt plant a church in Roanoke, TX.  Mel had a full time sales job and worked at the church without pay.  In January of 2009 Mel & I participated in a 21 day fast with our church. During that fast God laid it on our hearts to move back into full-time church ministry. But, we drug our feet for several months because we loved our church

Clean House

Every Wednesday night we host a small group in our home and every Wednesday when I get off work at 4pm it is a mad dash to get the house clean.  Carpets get vacuumed, magazines get neatly placed on the coffee table, tile gets swept (and mopped if needed), wood gets dusted, kitchen sink gets shined, counters get wiped down (with my favorite Mrs. Meyer's cleaner), and the coffee pot brews...filling the house with that fantastic aroma.  It takes effort to get it all clean and when our guests arrive they see a clean, put together home.  But, the truth is that my clean living room and kitchen is just the image I've portrayed to my guests of what I want them to believe the rest of the house looks like.  When they leave, I open up all of the bedrooms to see utter chaos. See, in the mad dash to get the rooms without doors clean, the rooms with doors are the holding grounds for where the stuff that was once cluttering up the living room just gets tossed into.  Rather than taking the eff


It's been a couple of weeks since I have blogged and just wanted to let you know that I'm still alive!  Life has been busy!! I just returned a few days ago from 4 days at Gateway's Pink Impact Conference in Southlake, TX, which was absolutely amazing.  I'm still processing all that God did in my heart, but I'm sure that there are some blog posts that will be birthed out of this past week that will be coming very soon, but for is what is on my mind. Unmask (v.) "to reveal the true nature of (expose) or to remove a mask from". The word "unmask" has been rolling around in my mind and spirit the past few weeks. There are countless of people walking around with masks on...attempting to hide from others what is really going on in their lives.  We wear masks as a means to self-protect, to portray an image to others that we are more than okay and that life is good, when actually there is absolute chaos wreaking havoc in our lives.  We don&