It's been a couple of weeks since I have blogged and just wanted to let you know that I'm still alive!  Life has been busy!! I just returned a few days ago from 4 days at Gateway's Pink Impact Conference in Southlake, TX, which was absolutely amazing.  I'm still processing all that God did in my heart, but I'm sure that there are some blog posts that will be birthed out of this past week that will be coming very soon, but for now...here is what is on my mind.

Unmask (v.) "to reveal the true nature of (expose) or to remove a mask from".

The word "unmask" has been rolling around in my mind and spirit the past few weeks. There are countless of people walking around with masks on...attempting to hide from others what is really going on in their lives.  We wear masks as a means to self-protect, to portray an image to others that we are more than okay and that life is good, when actually there is absolute chaos wreaking havoc in our lives.  We don't like to be vulnerable, to show our weaknesses or insecurities, to show that we too have problems in our marriage, family, job, etc.  We are afraid of being judged. We are ashamed.  We are fearful.  We are prideful.  We are hurting.

The enemy uses the tactic of telling us that we need to keep our masks on because he knows that what remains in silence and secret will hinder us from receiving the healing and freedom that Christ has for us all.  It's in the secret that sin is fed and our situation only gets worse. It's in darkness where depression and shame grow...telling us that we will be unloved if people know the real us.  Being a Pastor's wife and active in women's ministry I see a lot women when they are most vulnerable...when they are often at the end of the rope.  I often ask why they didn't seek help sooner and the #1 answer is "I didn't want anyone to see the real me". It's heartbreaking.

Maybe you too are walking around as if everything is okay when in actuality there is so much turmoil happening in your life that you can barely see straight.   I just want to encourage you...find someone Godly and trustworthy to whom you can unmask.  There is so much benefit to having Godly, authentic relationships where you can reveal the true nature of who you are and what you are going through.  For me, the first time I can ever remember truly taking off my mask to someone was my freshman year in Bible college.  I was living with so much shame and was struggling with depression from a past choice, yet walking around like I was the perfect Christian girl who had it all together.  I remember like it was yesterday when God prompted me to share my story with a new friend I had made just months prior. My gut started churning and I broke out in red splotches in true Kim fashion, but I knew I needed to unmask in order to receive freedom.  I needed to break the silence and bring my secret to light.  I shared with her that day my story and instead of condemning me, she embraced me and prayed with me.  Christ reacts the same way when we take off our masks and lay them at His feet. When we become vulnerable to Him and allow Him to bring us into the light...it is then and there that He extends His grace and mercy to us.  That day, almost 15 years ago, marked the beginning of my healing journey and living a life unmasked.  That moment of being vulnerable with a friend and releasing my pain into the hands of my Savior has gained me a life of freedom and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

If you are one of the ones that is walking around with a mask on, my prayer for you today is that you will find someone to talk to and that you will lay your mask at Christ's feet and let His redeeming love sweep over you.

Together, let's live a life unmasked.


Eric said…
I really liked this post. It's something people need to hear. There was something Mel was saying last SNS that makes me think about this. He was sharing out of Romans about salvation and forgiveness found in Christ. I've been reading Romans a lot lately and what he was saying has been on my heart. Then he made an off-hand comment to the effect of "wouldn't it be nice if people were as willing to forgive." That part stuck with me.

I think it can be easier to unmask in God's presence privately when there's no one else around but when you have to trust and confide in people, that's when the anxiety can seize you. It's when you want to just shut back down, take back the words, or break out in splotches (haha) but I've been in that place and know how much work God can do through people He leads you to trust and who will be there for you no matter what's behind the mask.

Anyway, sorry for writing so much but just wanted you to know it means a lot to read these so keep them coming.
Kim Masengale said…

Thank you for your comments. I appreciate them so much! I told Mel that he must have read my blog when he was preparing the sermon...haha. But, he didn't. God seems to lay the same things on our hearts frequently. He is cool like that. :)

Know that I pray for you daily! Don't shut down...keep pressing in.

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