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Commitment to Reshape It All

Alright girls, I've decided to join in on this 65 day commitment to Reshape It All.  Reshaping It All is Candace Cameron Bure's latest book about her battle with food, bulimia and how she has embraced a healthier lifestyle and outlook on weight. If you read my last post, you know that after my youngest was born I went through a dark time and thus my battle with food began.  While I didn't acknowledge back then that I was an emotional eater...I was.  I gained 50 lbs causing my self-esteem to go in the toilet. {And, if I'm going to be completely honest even when I was a size 2 or 4 as a teenager and in my early 20s I still had a very distorted image of what I looked like.} I blamed my weight gain on hormones, etc...not seeing it for what it really was until about 2 years ago.  For over a year now I have kept my weight off, but at times it is still very much a battle for me to keep the commitment to stay healthy when we live a busy lifestyle and also not go to the pan