Remembering Marianne

Today marks 1 year that my dear friend, Marianne Delcambre, passed from this life here on earth to life in eternity. It has brought much joy to my day today, as well as a few tears, as I've reflected back on the years I was privileged to call Marianne friend.  Marianne was one that could cause the darkest and dullest of atmospheres to come alive with love and laughter. To prove it, here are a few pics of her during our college years while living in our apartment...

Yes, those are hair clips in her eyes!
She was truly one of the most beautiful women I've ever known...inside & out.  Over the years she would cause me to laugh till my stomach hurt and would cry with me when I was brokenhearted.  In more recent years she was a confidant for me during the joys & trials of adulthood, ministry & parenting.  She understood my world & I understood hers.  Friends like that aren't always easy to come by.  She coined the term "bipolar express" for days when we were feeling overly emotional & a little bit insane. Oh, don't judge...if you are a mom or a know you have them too. :)  I knew at any point I could quickly text her "I'm riding the bipolar express today" and she would know exactly what I meant and I knew I could count on her to pray.

Marianne & I on my wedding day!
Marianne lived her life on purpose & had a profound impact on thousands because of the life she lived.  She had a gift for making everyone around her feel important.  Her daughter, Emily, reminded me a few weeks ago that a lot of people called her mom "friend"...there is so much truth to that.  I know that when she entered heaven's gates she heard the words that we all long to hear "well done thy good and faithful servant". 

I am a better person because of having Marianne as a friend.  I'll be honest and say that her death shook me to the core.  She is the first of those closest to me that was taken from this earth so young & so suddenly.  It was an awakening for me that our time on this earth is short & we better make it count.  The past year I have been more purposeful than ever with nurturing my relationship with God, my husband and my girls knowing that any day could be my last. I want to live a life of no regrets.

Beyond being a girl's best friend she was an amazing mom & wife...and "amazing" doesn't even do her justice.  More than anything on this earth she loved God, her husband Guy & their 3 precious girls.  Anyone who ever met Marianne could testify to that.  Marianne lives on through her girls.  It's uncanny how much they resemble her in appearance & personality. 

The Delcambre & Masengale Girls Together - It's my hope that our friendship is passed on through them.
Our family has spent quite a bit of time with Guy and the girls over the past year and I can honestly say I've never witnessed God's strength & grace so evident as it is in them.  They are proof that God's Word is true and that He truly is our comforter, our peace, our ever-present help in time of trouble. They are proof that He gives strength to the weary and that He comforts those who mourn.

Guy & His Precious Girls
Guy is a gifted writer & instead of hiding away over the past year, he has chosen to heal & share his journey through writing.  Through his words many have found hope, salvation and healing. He is in the middle of writing his first book, a memoir, which is sure to touch thousands of lives.  I would encourage you, if you haven't already, to follow Guy's blog & share it with others over the weeks and years to come:

Please continue to pray for them. As difficult as the past year has been for Guy & the girls...I know that out of the ashes, beauty is rising.

Marianne, you will never be forgotten and I'm so thankful that I have a hope to see you again!


village teacher said…
My name is Jenn Duran, and I was friends with Marianne at SAGU. You're right--she had the sweetest spirit, and I have many fond memories of her. I just found out about her death this morning, and I am in shock. I have found myself wondering about her over the years, and so I was shocked to find that she had passed away. I'll never forget her and wish I could have witnessed the amazing mother/wife she grew into being. <3
Kim Masengale said…
Hi Jenn. She was an incredible person who left a mark on many! Guy just came out with his published memoir of her and the grief process he walked through. It's called "Earth and Sky". It's beautiful. You should check it out at

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