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Do Not Worry

Earlier this year I attended Pink Impact at Gateway Church in Southlake, TX with my mom, my dear friend & her mother in law.  It was a 4 day getaway for me to just be & receive. I needed it desperately, because it was just a few months prior that Mel told me that he knew that he knew that the Lord would be transitioning us soon to more of a lead pastor role.  As you know by my previous post , I was a little resistant at first. :)  I was doing my best to trust that Mel had heard from God and even though I knew in my spirit that he had...I was just consumed with worry.   I was worried about where the Lord would move us. I was worried about when He would move us.  I was worried about making the wrong decision. I was worried about moving my girls to a different school. I was worried about leaving the people we had grown to love so much here in Enid. I was worried about finances.  I was WORRIED. You get the picture.  During one of the sessions of the conference there was a